2019 6th Annual Litchfield T.E.A.L.® Walk (9/21/2019)

Teal We Find a Cure

Welcome! Please consider joining this team! Registrations and donations to this team support Ovarian Cancer Research & Awarenesss Programs!


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Teal We Find a Cure - Join Team Raised
Personal Gift Marissa Cosgrove $50.00
Personal Gift Gloria Baker-Powell $50.00
charlotte benson $0.00
polly benson $0.00
Personal Gift Lisa Cosgrove $140.00
Calleigh Cotter $0.00
Hope Cotter $0.00
Jackson Cotter $0.00
Personal Gift Nina Gillette $100.00
Kyle Gonynor $0.00
Linda Gonynor $0.00
Rachael Gonynor $0.00
Randy Gonynor $0.00
CarrieAnn Greiser $0.00
Annette LeBlanc $0.00
Joyce Stobierski $0.00
Personal Gift Sarah Beth Stone $80.00
Team Gifts $0.00
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